the lights



Got the perfect location in mind for your Birds of Paradise sculpture? Well, you’re missing out on half the fun – after dark – without solar light kits.

We’ve researched these things to death. OMF offers the best lights we found when considering quality, runtime, appearance, stealth, cost, etc.



Due to Old Mill Forge’s ‘100% hand-forged in the USA‘ policy, artistic impression, extraordinary design and attention to detail guarantee that your ‘forged for life’ sculpture from the Birds of Paradise collection will be like no other – an original. Unique from any other we’ve produced. Always.

Furthermore, all metal/rocks vary in shape, size, weight and color. Please see our portfolio page for specifications, protective coatings and accessory options.

All large orders are typically shipped within 3 days depending on complexity and/or special customer requests. Not all of our products are listed at this time. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us after visiting our custom orders page.

Dealers/Retailers: due to shipping logistics a minimum order of 5 sculptures is required, unless other arrangements have been made.


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