Old Mill Forge is a full-service metal design, blacksmith, and forging facility located in Northern Colorado. OMF is determined to adorn the landscape with natural rock-iron ‘living’ sculptures that convert any terrain or environment into a happy-healthy sanctuary.

Our Birds of Paradise collection encompass the ‘forged for life’ heron sculptures featured on this website. Hand-Forged works of art that escalate anyone’s pursuit of paradise – a heaven on earth – be it in your backyard, garden, poolside, lakeside, on the golf course or at a resort.

Every aspect of Old Mill Forge – anvils, tools, steel, materials, components and product – is proudly 100% ‘Made in the USA‘.

And because Old Mill Forge sculptures are completely handmade – incorporating Rocky Mountain stones and hand-forged steel – no two sculptures are alike. Plus our matchless design and quality guarantees that your original Old Mill Forge sculpture will last many lifetimes – a gift for all generations.

Our custom high-grade steel is forged to shape – by hand. No jigs are used, which means every sculpture is exclusive in nature.

To preserve our Birds of Paradise heron sculptures, we use in-house proprietary metal finishes that allow the natural varying metal color to show through our protective coatings – in all its glory and patina. Why? Because even aluminum ‘rusts’ (pits and oxidizes) over time. And left to its own, no protective finish will last forever without minimal maintenance. Regardless, our sculptures are designed to last untold lifetimes. And like bronze or other irons, oxidation (patina) will occur. The amount is up to you. In fact, natural oxidizing iron has become a favorite pallet of our customers. The golden skin means ‘maintenance free.’

We offer powder coating (colored coatings) as a custom option but it often subtracts from artwork of significance, and therefore recommend our more natural metal finishes to meet your requirements. Even when performed by the ‘experts’, powder coating tends to make metal look ‘plastic’ which will crack and flake over time making touchup or removal difficult, damaging and expensive at best. Our choices of steel and finishes are the most suitable for OMF’s medium since our hand-sculpted metalwork tells a beautiful story – the story of its creation. The story of life.

The rocks used in our sculptures come straight out of the Rocky Mountains. We don’t use just any ol’ rock that happens to be lying on the ground. We mine for ours by hand – rocks that best mimic the creatures we forge – deep in private select canyons/ravines along Colorado’s Front Range. Every rock is unique in size, coloration, shape and texture – yet another OMF hallmark – that ensures distinction amongst our exotic heron sculptures and copyrighted rock-iron designs.

What separates Old Mill Forge from run-of-the-mill décor manufacturers – besides our hand-forged custom steel and Rocky Mountain stones – is our attention to detail and trademark embellishments. Combined, they make our sculptures worthy of the most upscale settings.

Every curve, twist and taper of our metalwork has meaning and purpose – including our trademark ‘scroll-eye’, complex twists at the joints, and hand-tapered steel ends. No mass-produced metal rods haphazardly bent on jigs at Old Mill Forge. No sir. Anvil, hammer, forge (2000+ degrees) and skill required.

Our ‘forged for life’ Birds of Paradise sculptures…

Hand-Forged. Pure blacksmith. Pure art.

The copyrighted designs of Old Mill Forge sculptures include those mentioned above, plus the ability to fashion our metalwork to your specific environment without impacting the integrity of the piece. The Loop for example, is our trademark in-line optional heron bill ‘loop’ (or curve) that allows your Birds of Paradise sculpture to be functional as well as gorgeous.

Have a pond, lake or water feature with a protective liner or rubber membrane? Need to display your sculpture(s) on hard flat surfaces? No problem. Our copyright-protected interchangeable stands – yet another Old Mill Forge trademark – provide an infinite number of display options. Water feature too deep? Does your environment have an ‘impossible’ floor or base that limits display choices? Don’t hesitate to contact us – we love challenges.

Found the perfect spot for your heron? Well, you’re missing out on half the fun – after dark – without our solar light kits.

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Join our growing list of popular art galleries, lawn and garden centers, fine gift shops, home furnishing centers, upscale resort boutiques, luxury pool supply warehouses, and chic specialty shops that feature our Birds of Paradise sculptures.

'forged for life'

timeless rock-iron sculptures that transform environments into paradise

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