our history

phase 1

Grandpa was a tool collector, artifact hunter and yard art aficianado. We spent our time together discussing found arrowheads, combining stick and stone to make tomahawks, utilizing steel gizmos to decorate the yard, and counting the variety of birds that visited his ‘squirrel-proof’ feeders.

Stone, steel, and birds.

Old Mill Forge metal sculptures began in earnest during those seasons with Grandpa the innovator. Grandpa the craftsman. Grandpa the ornamental artist.

He unknowingly taught me the significance of yard ‘eye candy’ placed in just the right spot. And if you’ve ever been to Ohio you know exactly what I mean – old blacksmith and agricultural tools filling garages or basements, the rest sacrificed as outdoor ornaments to perfectly accent one’s garden.

And having lived across the street from Galion’s Train Depot where ore and steel were hauled through town, we often walked the tracks looking for lost treasure – successfully. Grandpa’s spirit of exploration, love of nature and constant wondering, ‘What can we make out of this?’ forged chunks of my soul. His devotion to ancient tools, their uses, plus the art of combining stone, steel and wood to create new ‘life’, tempered my future.

our history

phase 2

During those formidable years, our family moved to England in the 70’s at which time I met one of the greatest blacksmiths to ever walk the face of the earth. Encouraged by my folks to play with his kids during frequent visits, soon after arriving I would casually work my way over to his Claydon-based smithy. Stuart forged the impossible.

The ‘living’ creatures he made from chunks of pure wrought iron – when wrought used to be readily available – went on to become world famous. He pioneered ways of joining iron using methods no one had previously dreamed. Consequently, many were patented. And the wrought he combined with other materials such as stone, glass and wood beckoned commissions from the Queen. Today, Stuart’s work can be found in many museums, books and publications.

What I loved most about Stuart – like Grandpa – was his patience and willingness to pass along his knowledge and skill to others.

The culmination of Stuart and Grandpa during my youth, their ability to express, enhance and imitate life by hand-shaping or joining common earth elements cemented my vocation as an artist – a blacksmith – and are the foundation of every Old Mill Forge sculpture.

our history

phase 3

The crescendo of launching OMF happened in the early 90’s upon moving to Florida. Living on a coastal canal watching large exotic birds perch on the dock and fish the mangrove-laced waters inspired Old Mill Forge’s first edition of rock-iron bird sculptures.

Today, we at Old Mill Forge feel privileged to continue our Birds of Paradise sculptures and metalwork offerings – worldwide. From all of us here at Old Mill Forge, may our ‘forged for life’ artwork transform your environment into paradise.

Thank you for stopping by.

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